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I m Paul, and I own several 7 Figure
“Ideal Businesses” that let me to work as
as little as 4 hours a week
(While staying profitable).

Right now as I am writing this, I am in the middle of another travel adventure.

I have a great relationship with my family. I'm in a successful relationship with my wife - 35 years going strong. And my kids, now grown, actually like me.

Over the last 7 years we have travelled all around the world for over 100 weeks - that's an average of 14 weeks per year. And through all this, our businesses are doing great.

In fact, one of my franchises, Resicert, is among the top 3 biggest in its niche in Australia.

But I m not just the only one having fun. Our global team, who have been with us for years, only needs to work at most 25 hours a week.

This way of life is not by accident but by design.

I call this design the “Ideal Business” model, and I developed it after over 30 years in business.

This has allowed me to take my family around the world, doing more exploring, camping and getting as much out of life as we can. We love to do this.

There is no time limit in how long we travel or where we go.

And this is possible because we have built a number of Ideal Businesses that enabled us to live our best life.

All while keeping our global, 7 figure enterprises profitable.

Today, my mission is to share with more entrepreneurs like you everything I learned - so that you, too, can design and grow your own “ideal business” - one that enables you to live your best life.


He is definitely the right person to the next level not only with explosive growth, fully integrated and automated systems.
My new business knowledge and acumen have expanded my vision of what is possible. I have completed the build phase and adopted and implemented Invizbiz's best practices with success. From this implementation, I have already sold and set up my first franchisee
I already recommended the program to business owners and I’ll keep recommending it to other business owners considering expansion.

So what is an Ideal Business?

Simply put, an ideal business is one that enables you to live the quality of life you want and desire. If it doesn't do this - then it is not an ideal business.
Creating your Ideal Scene
There are only two scenes, the current scene, and the ideal scene. We are constantly trying to bridge the gap between the two. That's life. That's business.
A+B=C What is the Ideal Business
In this episode, I explore the ideas are why most people start a business and go through the common mistakes with the mindset that A + B = C.
The 3P Concept Balance and Tension
Balance is a big part of business. The act of building an Ideal Business means getting things balanced between yourself your clients and your staff/suppliers.
Cashflow Stability - Control
Cash is one of the hardest things to maintain control over in a business. It's always one of the areas we know business owners wrestle with all the time.
Cashflow Allocations
If you want a system for predicting how much money you can spend for tax, promotion, and other areas of your business, this episode is for you.
How Ideal is your business? -The 10 Criteria
If you don't have a detailed step-by-step process for evaluating how ideal your business is, this episode is for you.
Tracking Cash - COH vs Bills
Is your business cash flow negative? A simple yet powerful exercise for quickly diagnosing the financial health of your business.
Risk Sources (Overview)
Does your business have a high level of risk? It tackles the different sources of risks entrepreneurs should be cautious about.
Risk Mitigation Items
Risk management is crucial for any business. Without it, unexpected events can ruin a business in a blink.
Top tools to reduce risk
Crucial tools you'll need to reduce and mitigate risk. If you're not happy with the risks surrounding your business, this episode is for you.
The DAD Principle
Struggling to extract yourself from your business? 3-step checklist aimed at reducing the reliance of your business on you.
The Time Matrix
A key tool that can help entrepreneurs like you work smarter. If you want to work fewer hours without sacrificing your profits, this episode is for you.
Power of Need and Want Interviews
A simple strategy to let data guide you to the right business decisions.
How to use Need and Want Data - Avatars
Setting up avatars so you can make a more targeted marketing process. If you're unsure what to do with all the client data you've collected, this episode is for you.
Datums for Stability and Certainty
Importance of datums for handling issues and achieving certainty within your business.

What does the “Ideal Life”
look like?

The Invizbiz Ideal Business Program is designed to give you 4 major outcomes.
More time to do whatever you want.
Freedom to work because you want to and love it, not because you need to because you need to pay the bills
Higher quality of life.
So you can stay in love with life - and your business for the long haul
A self sustaining business that runs and grows without you.
And won t hurt even if you take a 3-month vacation
Huge growth, low risk.
Capacity to grow your resources without requiring huge upfront costs and financial risk

What does it take to build the Ideal Business?

An ideal business enables you to live the quality of life you want and desire. If it doesn't do this - then it is not an ideal business. How would you rate your business against these 10 criteria on a scale of 1 to 10?

How financially stable is your business?
How big is the unique advantage that will allow you to grow faster while using fewer resources?
How reliable and profitable is your service delivery?
How quickly and effectively can your business adjust to market changes?
How much financial risk is your business currently in?
How much time control and flexibility does your business allow for?
Can the business operate and grow independently from you?
How bulletproof is your business?
How high is the value that you are giving in exchange for the resources you use?
How much resources does it take to grow your business?

How is your business doing in these 10 criteria?

Take the Ideal Business Quiz to get your score.
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How can we help you build your ideal business?

Extraction & Independence
Tools and steps for extracting yourself from the business.
Cashflow control & confidence
A proven system of giving you full control over your cashflow and a solid foundation for growth.
Optimizing Systems
Methodology, principles and frameworks for operation, optimised for growth.
Leveraging Automation
Creating workflows and operational systems that provide more consistency and speed while requiring less labor.
De-Risking Growth
Systemisation of expansion through franchising, with comprehensive documentation and implementation.
Ideal Franchising Secrets
Discover the Sweet Spot business model that let me work as little as 4 hours per week and take long vacations with my family (while staying profitable).
Dedicated Support
1-on-1 Done With You Accountability & Consultations so you don t have to figure things out on your own.
Access To All My Resources
Free membership to our “Ideal Business” newsletter, on demand access to videos, consultation, and a support network when you need it.

“In order to grow an ideal business, you
need to grow into a different person.”

Mould Removal

“Case Study - Steve Burke - Mould Removal”

Investors Edge

“Case Study - Jarrad Mahon - Investors Edge”

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