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Behind the scenes

The Team 

Paul Antonelli

David Kellam

Anna Hetherington

Ivan Janku


How it started

When Paul & Robyn Antonelli founded Resicert Property Inspections in 2009 – the business grew quickly and a model was needed to support this growth and expansion. Franchising was the option but there were many issues with the standard franchising model that did not meet their goals as business owners. So they developed a completely new way of franchising which, over the last 9 years, has evolved into the Franchising Management Platform.

Resicert has positioned itself as one of Australia’s leading property inspection services providers operating nationally.


Some key achievements of the Resicert business:

  1. 26 Operational Licensees in WA, VIC, NSW, and QLD
  2. Conducted over 40,000 inspections across the country
  3. Achieved formal certification in line with the Hubbard Management Systems and ISO 9001
  4. Has over 8400 testimonials from clients with an average customer satisfaction score of 9.2 out of 10
  5. Has operated profitability from its inception and continues to do so
  6. Operates an officeless, paper free business leveraging technology and outsourcing effectively to deliver high service levels at the lowest possible cost base
  1. Has the ability to scale geographically, through adding services with minimal impact on cost base
  2. Developed full documentation, training, automation and delivery systems in house through best of breed online applications and systems
  3. For inspection services the systems operate from enquiry through to post service engagement.
  4. For Franchise recruitment systems have been developed from initial enquiry through to effective kick off of a franchise business. Have received over 7800  enquiries through this platform in 7 years

The FMP leverages the IP, expertise, platforms and systems developed so that a business can be franchised for a lower cost, faster and with less risk.  Instead of reinventing the wheel from scratch the FMP provides a solid proven foundation to develop a franchised business model.